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How it all begins…

Here at Nose 2 Tail our services are bespoke and we can adapt to your dog and cater for all your dog’s needs!

When your dog visits Nose 2 Tail, their coat will be assessed and the client’s requirements discussed.  This will include deciding on the best trim for the dog and client’s lifestyle, dependant on coat condition.  Nose 2 Tail can provide full breed standard trims for all breeds, shorter, more practical trims or something a little different!


We will select the best combination of shampoo, conditioner and treatments to help enhance your dog’s skin and coat.  We have an amazing piece of kit in the Hydrobath, which delivers the shampoo through invigorating massage, that helps to increase blood flow to the skin, and remove excess dead hair. It can also help older dogs who may struggle with sore muscles.


After a thorough cleansing, your dog will be dried, with tangles and dead hair removed.  We have a variety of different driers and drying techniques to suit your dog, and produce a squeaky clean, tangle free pooch ready for the next part of their Nose 2 Tail experience.


The pre-trim preparation work is then carried out. Hygiene clipping, nail, ear and eye care.  These areas are vitally important for the health and wellbeing of your dog.


The clipping, scissoring and styling follows. We are always happy to discuss in depth your grooming requirements, try something ‘a little different’, or advise on what we think would suit your dog and lifestyle choice.  We always keep a record of what styles your dog has had with us, their health and wellness record, and likes and dislikes.  If you fancy a change, just ask!  We like a challenge and something new.

Our additional services include…

Dog Grooming Malton Norton North Yorkshire


Socialisation visits are particularly important for puppies or nervous dogs.  In these, we have your puppy/dog in to the salon for them to get used to the sights, smells and sounds of a grooming salon to make future visits less daunting. This can be built up gradually until your puppy/dog learns that salon visits are not to be feared!
Dog Groomers Malton Norton North Yorkshire


Our bath only service can include just nail trimming, ear cleaning or an in-between full trim tidy up.
Dog Grooming Socialisation Malton North Yorkshire


Ultra-sonic, non-abrasive
Cleans without noise or vibration

Recent clientele

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A little about us…

A little about us…

Lorna Humphreys LGCI, owner of Nose 2 Tail, has been a dog groomer since 1997, doing her initial training, (and popping back for refresher days) at the renowned salon Look North at Keighley.  The world of dog grooming has changed hugely since Lorna’s initial training, but the grooming industry still remains an unregulated one, and qualifications are not required to set up a grooming business!  Despite this, Lorna decided to put herself through her City and Guilds Level 3 independently, to develop her skills and provide her clients with a quality assurance – with the only industry recognised set of qualifications. In addition to the City and Guilds Level 3 Qualification, Lorna has also achieved her LGCI – awarded by City and Guilds in recognition of those at the highest professional level of their career. In 2019 Lorna completed her Higher Diploma – the highest level of qualification available in dog groomimg which earnt Lorna her prestigious place in The Guild Of Master Groomers, available to only a handful of groomers in the UK. She has also won and been placed at a number of UK grooming competitions, and believes strongly in the importance of self development, which benefits clients also, keeping up to speed with the ever changing grooming industry.

Specialising in Miniature Poodles and Miniature Wire Dachshunds as her favourite breeds, Lorna has had success in the show ring with her Miniature Poodles, and has enjoyed showing and being placed at Crufts.  Often found on the fields as well as the show ring or competition circuit, Lorna believes in the importance of letting dogs be dogs in addition to keeping her dogs coats fit for the ring!  Lorna grooms a variety of breeds for the show ring, and enjoys the attention to detail required to complete specific show trims.

What makes us different to the rest

Qualified City and Guilds Level 3
Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming (Level 4)
Awarded LGCI in Dog Grooming
Member of The Guild of Master Groomers
Established 1997
Insured salon
Dog FirstAid Trained
Because animal welfare is always paramount
Industry recognised qualifications
Quiet, quality, one-to-one salon
Offering a full range of bespoke services for your dog
National award winning groomer
Poodle breed specialist
Tuition available

Doggy Love

Leo is now a quite elderly cocker spaniel with some health problems but looks forward to his visit to the salon he enjoys being washed and trimmed (although he hates water and will not go out in the rain) Lorna has looked after him since a very small puppy and knows his needs very well she is very experienced and has updated her knowledge and skills regularly, she is so kind and thoughtful and nothing is too much trouble taking time to make sure Leo has all the time he needs to look smart again she’s also a good person to ask advice on any issues regarding Leo that we are concerned about

Janet and David and Leo

We have been taking Molly, our 8yr old West Highland Terrior, to Lorna since she was a puppy. Molly loves her pamper sessions and comes home happy and looking and smelling gorgeous. We wouldn’t dream of taking her anywhere else. Thankyou Lorna for taking such good care of Molly and always doing a top notch job… can’t recommend you highly enough 😊

Carol and Dave

I have owned cocker spaniels for 40 years, and when we moved up here from Wakefield I needed a good groomer, I asked around and Lorna was recommended to me,I have never needed to say what needed doing or how I wanted my dogs cut ,she just seems to know. She has had an amazing relationship with all my dogs and for the past 12 years she has looked after my girls as I call them. I would never consider taking them anywhere else . Excellent service and an amazing young lady who always tries to help.


Modern, open plan salon – fully fitted with top of the range, purpose built equipment
Full initial consultation – advice and tuition on coat care at home available
Socialisation visits for puppies/nervous dogs are encouraged
High performance shampoos, conditioners and treatments to improve your dog’s skin and coat

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